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Cape Fear Cardiology Associates is the preferred and most trusted Cardiology group in Fayetteville, having served Cumberland and the surrounding counties continuously for over 30 years. Our group was founded in 1989 by Dr. Kenneth Popio and has since grown to consist of eight physicians and one nurse practitioner. We are proud to say we started and continue to operate as a private practice, which allows us to impact our patient’s care promptly and more cost-efficient.

Our board-certified cardiologists are highly trained and committed to the prevention, early detection, and treatment of both cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease, with an emphasis on improving our patients’ quality of life and overall health. As a result of this commitment, we offer many services on-site. This allows us to have adequate information to establish the best treatment plan for our patients.

Our facility operates a Nuclear Medicine Laboratory and Echocardiography Laboratory, both fully accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC), which provides quality services for patients needing stress echocardiograms and nuclear stress testing. In fact, Cape Fear Cardiology was the first cardiology practice to receive IAC Accreditation in both Nuclear Medicine and Echocardiography in Fayetteville.

We also operate a fully CLIA accredited anticoagulation clinic which offers convenience and immediate results to ensure our patients’ medication dosage is exactly right.  Proper dosage and drug interactions are an integral part of taking any medicine, especially blood thinners. We help patients gain peace of mind by understanding and knowing all they need to know about their blood thinner medication.

In continuing with our commitment to provide a full range of comprehensive cardiovascular care, Cape Fear Cardiology has collaborated with UNC Medical Center to offer a full range of Heart Failure and Electrophysiology services, right here in our Fayetteville office. These UNC specialists not only provide care for our patients, in addition, they provide local care for patients from other practices that would normally have to commute out of town for these specialized services and procedures. This partnership between UNC Medical Center and Cape Fear Cardiology allows us several advantages allowing us to collectively identify and expedite the best treatment plans for our patients, right here at home.

If you are ever in the need of cardiac care please call our office for an appointment. It’s your heart and your choice.

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Cape Fear Cardiology Associates proudly announces that they were the First in Fayetteville to receive accreditation on their Nuclear Cardiology and Echo labs.