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Joe McDaniel

See why Joe McDaniel is glad they are there for him.

In July 2004, Joe McDaniel – stopped for an accident that happened beside him – was watching the EMTs in action. Little did he know, minutes later, he would be the focus of their attention.  Joe suffered a heart attack and was rushed to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. Soon after reaching the Emergency Room, Joe had his first “encounter” with Dr. Munugoti of Cape Fear Cardiology.  “I am so thankful that he was there,” says Joe. Dr. Munugoti performed an emergency heart catheterization and determined that Joe’s massive heart attack was due to a completely blocked heart artery.  Dr. Klang, Dr. Munugoti’s colleague at Cape Fear Cardiology, performed an emergency angioplasty, and this procedure prevented Joe from having significant heart muscle damage.  He was back at work just two weeks later.

Joe still has regular check-ups at Cape Fear Cardiology. “Dr. Munugoti takes wonderful care of me … my ‘numbers’ are great … and the people in the office are very good to me,” he says.  Today, Joe keeps busy with his woodworking business, his grandsons and teaching Sunday School at Bethesda Nursing Home, something’s he done for 30 years. He’s glad that Cape Fear Cardiology is helping make sure he enjoys his “retirement.”

Dr. Srinivas Munugoti and Dr. Thor E. Klang are valued members of the top-notch team of Cardiologists at Cape Fear Cardiology.  The nine Board Certified Cardiologists at CFC frequently consult with their colleagues to take advantage of their patient care experience and special areas of expertise. You can make Cape Fear Cardiology your choice for cardiac care, whether your primary care physician recommends a cardiologist, you’re making an appointment on your own, or a cardiac consultation is required in an emergency setting.

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Cape Fear Cardiology Associates proudly announces that they were the First in Fayetteville to receive accreditation on their Nuclear Cardiology and Echo labs.